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Australian high-class escort agency U8BABIES

Provide services: casual outcall escort for tourists, high-end business, assisted dating for schoolgirls, KTV dinner, peripheral network celebrity appointments

It's our job to search for quality beauty
Meet the different needs of every customer

Company recruitment is carefully selected. Only 18-30-year-old girls with distinctive temperaments can pass our review
young and beautiful
Breast /face / leg /girls with different characteristics of serving the queen

girl price
Levels from 300 an hour to 800 an hour
We are all made according to the individual conditions of the girls
There will be no price mismatch
Feel free to leave it to us

To facilitate customer service to match the right girl for you
Please explain to customer service the requirements for girls first

We are a membership system, takes care of the aesthetic requirements of every long-term customer
Being our member already means that you can step on mines and pits

Any dissatisfaction can be reported to our customer service

WeChat: u8babies2
SMS: 0405 794 038


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