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Suitable for self-confident girls who lack rent/tuition fees / want to earn more pocket money or seek financial support
The first type: girls who accompany clients on a simple date
The second type: girls who drink KTV
The third type: a full set of girls

Requirements: 18-30 years old
girls who love to dress up
Private car transfer/Provide internet celebrity apartment/hotel accommodation

There is no cap on the daily salary of 1500-2000 +. The better the condition

Working environment: high-end private apartments, hotels
are high-quality high-end customers
high privacy
Perfect management team
You can earn money with peace of mind

Contact: u8babies
SMS: 0405 794 038

Our high-end customer base is more discerning
Please attach your original photo and short video
Our company does not include the general conditions

Please leave your details below. We will contact you within  24 hours.

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